Our Dream Home Is Hiding In Our Refrigerator


Once all of these things are gone, this is going to be a make-it-yourself household. No more handing over money to the grocery store when I can make the exact same stuff myself at a much cheaper price (and much better for you, too!!) All I see when I open my fridge is wasted money, since most of these things we use once or twice and never touch again, then finally notice its expired and throw it out. Pinterest has been my friend lately with all of the homemade recipes I have been able to find. NO MORE store bought condiments, dips, and dressings.

Now, obviously I know that we won’t be able to build our dream home by just making homemade condiments, but we’re going into full-on DEBT KILLER mode in this house by only buying what we need and not binging on luxuries just because “we can.” I’ll have more on this topic as we dive more into this War on Debt over the next few weeks.

Have you ever made your own condiments or sauces? What are they and what are your favorite?


Feeling Excited 😄

10 pounds down in 10 days 😄 Right on track! Feeling refreshed and pretty amazing. Glad this plan doesn’t leave you feeling hungry all the time. I love food WAY too much to be on one of those plans that starves you. 11 days left to go before I’ll know my final results and then I’ll be moving on to the 21 Day Fix again. Autumn Calabrese sure kicks my butt!

Welcome To My Blog!

Hello Friends!

This blogging thing is new to me, so please be patient as I try to figure this out! If you didn’t see in my bio, I am a wife, a mom, a former early childhood education teacher, a health and fitness enthusiast, and a new entrepreneur and work-from-home mom. Finding out that I have a condition called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome back in 2012 first inspired me to become a healthier person so that my husband and I could have a family someday. Our dream came true when our son Heath was born in May of 2013. After falling off track with my health and fitness goals this past summer, I’ve found myself almost back to where I was nearly three years ago at the beginning of my journey. I swore I’d never be back there again, so the purpose of this blog is not only to help others through my health and fitness experiences, but to also use my education background to share healthy homemade recipes and activities for kids to do at home that promote learning and development. Since I walked away from my formal job as a teacher to work from home and raise our son, I feel like the teacher in me is yearning to SHARE!! I also intend for it to be a therapeutic experience for me to help me with my own health and fitness goals, since I do struggle in that area from time to time.

So here goes! Wish me luck on this new journey. I look forward to meeting you and getting to know you!

Much Love,

Emily ❤