Help Wanted!

SelfTimer (2)

How would you like to be able to have:

*Accountability to your own health and fitness goals
*HUGE discount on great products
*Help others realize and achieve their goals
*Earn money from home
*Low start-up cost
*Personal satisfaction

I am interviewing for a PARTNER, someone that will come alongside me and be a LEADER in helping others. Qualifications include:

1. Must be teachable. If you duplicate our system, you can earn CRAZY amounts of money…I’m talking crazy potential profits.
2. Must commit to one phone call with me for the first 4 weeks. Participation in ongoing online training exercises is required. This training outline will equip you with the skills you need to succeed and get you on track fast to financial independence. I will help you get the tools you need to run your business and help earn you your investment back within the first 2 weeks and get you your first promotion within the first 30 days – IF YOU REMAIN TEACHABLE.
3. Must think LONG-TERM. This isn’t a get rich quick plan. It can be extremely profitable IF you develop your mindset. I promise you that in the beginning it will be a LOT of work for a little but if you continue to WORK you’ll work A LITTLE for A LOT!
4. Must start with a product package. When you start with me, I expect you to be prepared. You need to be equipped with the products it will take to develop your story, your results, and yourself.

If you, or someone you know can fulfill these qualification requirements – message or contact me so we can get started right away. Better yet – follow this link to our application –>


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